storybook highschool

So I’m starting a blog because I’m living in Switzerland for a year, and it’s a fun, easy way to let people know what I’m doing because I won’t be seeing them in real life for more than ten months which is basically a year which is a very long time and did I mention [no, I didn’t] that I will be attending SCHOOL here for most of those ten months?

Ahh, school. As a concept, it’s the troll that I laugh scornfully at; it’s the crisis that I don’t take seriously. In reality, it’s the foreign, yet blandly normal taste of butter- foreign because nobody just eats butter by itself- that’s gross and unhealthy. Stop it.

This particular school is, in my less than humble opinion, fantastic. Just look at the teachers:


Herr’s Biology, Geography, German and Chemistry.


Our math teacher- possibly moonlights as an air hostess.


Our P.E. teacher- exactly the same, but nice. And competent.


Actual photo of our Physics teacher- I have never seen him stand still for one second. And the stories, oh the stories-

[In one lesson he took his shoe off and used it to smash grind charcoal on his desk. Once he threw a stack of paper at the door to demonstrate motion, probably. Apparently, he jumped over a table, was like “agh, probably shouldn’t have done that” and jumped back. Once he accidentally took off his shirt- I don’t know how because the rest of the story was just giggling. } {as told by people in my class}

My theory is that he is just very enthusiastic about Physics.

My favorite subject at school is called Free Period. I don’t know what it is, some kind of Swiss lesson maybe??? But I think I learn a lot in that class and it’s really enjoyable and busy!

My subjects are as follows:

Math- hard and awful
Physics- hard and confusing because Herr Hyped-on-Party-Pills is drawing trees and cars on the whiteboard?
History- there’s a lot of it.
Politics- i thought it was going to be debates about same sex marriage and the right to vote but apparently if you throw litter on the streets in Switzerland you don’t get fined, so…
Music- not much actual music, just YouTube clips of Louis Armstrong.
English- EXTREMELY difficult.
Art- WE ARE GOING TO VENICE IN OCTOBER I’M SO EXCITED. It’s for an art class trip!
P.E- Surprisingly easy and fun considering I can’t do exercise for peanuts.
Biology and Chemistry and Geography some other stuff probably.

Well that’s basically my school, so…




6 thoughts on “storybook highschool

  1. great idea -the blog, I mean, great adventure & experience,(going to school & learning a new language) so look forward to your stories–this saves me asking Dad what’s going on over there—enjoy!! nan xx oh!! just LOVE Venice!!

  2. Herr looks like every teacher I have every had – especially from Massey (remember the impersonations?!!).
    Keep up the ‘lively’ descriptions of your adventures xxx

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