Probably Exaggerated

Put my hand up in Politics on Thursday when the teacher asked what a constitutional monarchy was [no translation needed- “was ist ein Konstitutional Monarchie?”]. My answer was correct. I think Politics is fast becoming my favorite class, mainly because all the words are rather similar to their English counterparts. Monarchie, Democratie, Republik, Diktator. Hitler. *frownie face*. Schweizland. *all students stand and start singing the Nationalhymn. They sing perfectly in unison. Their faces are blank. They are now chanting, and it grows louder and louder as I sit frozen in terror…*. Legislativ. Parlimentarische.

My other favorite classes are Music and Art. P.E is also quite fun because I’m missing the combination relay/sprint race event in two weeks time. I’ll be in Zurich! Cool beans.

Yesterday was a very long day. On Friday we have seven different subjects including double math, finishing with music. Afterwards I had made plans to go with some friends to the local funfair [which is just happening over this weekend]. We got there about an hour before it opened, and sat drinking iced tea and talking about religion, cars, cultural differences, boys, Hogwarts houses, the usual…

When all the rides opened I suddenly had the crazy idea to on as many as I could [there were about four. It’s a small town]. Here are the ones that I did go on.


Fun and fast.


Terrifying oh my god I have never been upside down more in my life.


{hand held over so you can see it despite the sun being directly in front of me} It’s one of those big circle ones that spin around so fast and then tilt almost vertically and you are held on by the force of that gravity thingy I don’t really know what the specific name is. Anyway I really loved this one, it was kind of peaceful in a way. Also I wanted to throw up afterwards. Which is not so great. [I didn’t, by the way].


Rebecca and Tiziana [thank you for convincing me to go on the rides it was very fun and awesome!]Image

That’s me with some delicious popcorn. And a cool Jane Austen bag [thanks mum!].


I got home about seven and immediately rushed out to help serve drinks etc at the WORLD PREMIERE of Hardi’s play, starring Runa + friends. I don’t know if it was actually a world premiere but I thought it was very good and sad and metaphorical. I also didn’t understand much of it, but the intellectual in me likes to think that that is because of the German-ness of it’s entirety, rather than me not getting the metaphorical bits.

I got home from that about nine thirty? I think. And then I watched half of Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger’s 1934 film ‘The Gay Divorcee’ which had some awful misogynistic bits but also some fantastic dance numbers so….yeah.

And then I went to sleep and woke up at lunchtime the next morning [today]. Twelve hours sleep. Cool beans.

Also posted a letter to Great the Gran and am feeling very…I was going to say organized but I mostly just feel lazy. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Hannah x


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