Sleep, Studies, and Socialization.

On Monday after Deutschkurs I went, with most of my class, to one of my fellow student’s birthday party. Her host family lived in a tiny farmhouse, which is directly above the cowshed. At first we were in the dining room/kitchen, which they had decorated with streamers and balloons and laid the table with candles. The mum said that this was most people she’s ever had in the house; when the second lot of us arrived from the train station we had to move outside. Rain spattered lightly down at one point- the dad [an Egyptian- met the mum in Egypt three years ago; they have an  ADORABLE baby daughter] put the awning up. Everyone drank Coke and I drank apple juice and talked to the other Kiwi girl and the Aussie girl, who started a debate about the word capsicum. Apparently Kiwis say it like “capsicun”. She Googled it, and proved us wrong, but obviously the internet is just wrong…right? The ginger French boy sitting next to us tried to ask what a capsicum was- the American said that they call them “bell peppers”. The French looked even more confused, and absent mindedly patted Jax. Later he asked if I had naturally red hair- is that just a boy thing? Because my roots are very obviously a different color, as pointed out by the Colombian and Aussie girls. Meanwhile, the birthday girl came out of the house in tears because her host family had given her a present- or she had talked to her family back in Santa Cruz- there was a lot of hugging and Spanish, so I just hope they were happy tears? I guess?

At about seven, after a dinner of Nutella and M&M birthday cake, I walked back to the train station, trailing behind a couple of others because I was listening to my iPod [Fall Out Boy now] and thinking up camera angles. I may have a short film in the works oops hey guess what Hannah, you’re meant to be doing your homework…

I got home about ten thirty- because I missed the fast train and had to wait for half an hour somewhere, but it was okay because I had two other exchange students to talk to [Dominican Republic and NZ!] so that was cool. I did my homework on the train. It was cool. And yeah, I’m exhausted right now, but I still have some emails to reply to, and some vocabulary homework to translate, and some glittery olive shaded eyeshadow to remove, but I’m kind of really enjoying just writing, you know? 

Oh, and just to write this in a non linear time fashion, last Friday we went on a tour around Zurich and there are some photos of that cool beans.

It’s a cool city.

The human statues moved when you put coins in their cups.





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