Thank you, Mum.

Today my mum is turning 44  24 and I thought I’d take a moment to write a sappy, emotional post about her because she’s on the other side of the world and very occasionally I miss her a little bit. Just a smidge.

Almost exactly a year ago, I remember Mum talking a lot about her idea of taking us kids traveling. I joined in with the dreaming a bit, at first- imagining where I’d like to go, what clothes I’d take [excuse you it’s a very important thing to think about !], and whether or not I could stand being around my family for that long. Ahem. But after a while I, the teenage skeptic, started rolling my eyes and saying “Mum, oh my god, that’s never going to happen, seriously. It’s a ridiculous idea!” I truly thought that there was no way she could make it happen.

And then one day she came into my room, and said: “Hannah, we’re going on The Trip!!!”

The Trip?” I asked [probably]. 

“Yep!”, she said, and I realized that I was never going to doubt her dreams again.

Because, you see, one of the first [and arguably the most important] lessons that I learnt from our big adventure was that it is SO important to follow your dreams, to chase the sunrise and not let anyone tell you that it’s impossible. That’s something that Mum’s been saying my whole life. She has ALWAYS supported me and always encouraged me and I am always going to be so grateful for that. 

Mum is an ‘inspirerer’, a teacher, and a motivator. She inspires the people around her simply by existing, and by following her dreams and passions. She teaches by example- the amount of life lessons that I’ve learnt from you, Mum, is crazy. I’ve seen it happen to many times- people in your life are inspired to do things, to make changes and to improve their lives [in small and big ways].

You are a literal ray of sunshine in mine and so many people’s lives and I hope you have a wonderful 44th year! [not that appearance matters, or anything, but you are seriously working those grey hairs]




2 thoughts on “Thank you, Mum.

  1. Oh My!! Hannah, thsi is sooooo amazing , thank you for being so darn inspiring yourself darling!! I just loved the gifts you sent from Venice….but this really tops the lot. Love you so much, you rock!!!xxxxxxxx

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